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HELLO FRIENDS OF DEMOCRACY! We are so excited to re-open on February 6th and welcome old and new friends to our winery. Be sure to read our February 2016 Newsletter to get the full scoop!

In the Tasting Room

Saturday, 2/13 Renee Ruth Peckham - a well-known local artist specializing in pop, jazz, funk and rock on her electronic keyboard. | 1:30 to 4:30pm
Sunday, 2/14 Presidential Game Day
It's Valentine's Day but we're Democracy Vineyards and what better way to mark this holiday weekend than by offering guests some board games designed to test their political strategy skills. There is Risky Strategy: The Game of Campaign Capers where contestants collect electoral votes by answering questions about campaign maneuvers and trading states through highwire vote-getting strategies! Red and blue teams play The Presidential Game garnering 270 electoral votes through a combination of fundraising and campaign tactics cards. Enjoy a bottle of Campaign as you see if you've got what it takes to elect a President!
Sunday, 2/21 Race Day at Democracy Vineyards
join General Manager, Jim Turpin, for the Daytona 500 broadcast. Jim will be happy to regale you with tales of his days crewing for Jimmy Hensley's Crown Royal Oldsmobile and Chuck Bown's Nescafe Pontiac - or you can just enjoy our wines!
Democracy Vineyards Winter 2016

When we weren't snowbound, January was busy in the vineyard. By the end of the month, Blaine and I finished pruning our three cold-hardy varieties: Chambourcin, Petit Verdot, and Petit Manseng.

Depending on the type of soil and the vigor of the variety, greater or fewer numbers of buds are left on the vine to balance the growth between fruit and cane growth next year. We're leaving between 15 and 48 buds per vine to keep a balanced crop and optimize fruit quality.

When the weather isn't cooperative to go out and prune, we've been clearing space in the winery for the next shipment of empty glass bottles. We plan on bottling the 2015 white wines at the end of February.
Democracy Vineyards Wine Club

Wine Club News & Update

We are transitioning the Friends of Democracy Wine Club to a case buyer club this spring in order to make it easier for our most loyal customers to select the wines for their collection and take them home all at once.

Current wine club members will receive their fourth quarter delivery scheduled for February. The wine club wines include Campaign (our sweet Chambourcin - excellent when mulled in cold weather); Velvet Revolution (our signature red blend); and Parliament (a Port-like red Petit Verdot dessert wine).

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